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Is it time for a Haircut?

Is it time for a Haircut?

When is the best time to get a haircut? How often should I cut my hair ? Does cutting my hair really help it grow? I get these questions all the time.

 Fact! your hair does not need to be cut after every color  service. If you have a precision

cut such as in A-line Bob or a pixie then yes you may need a haircut with every color service usually every 4-6 . Clients with longer hair that want to keep it longer may need a haircut every other color appointment.

False, cutting your hair does not help it grow faster. Your hair grows from the Scalp.

While trimming the ends of any damage and splitting will give the hair and much healthier and thicker appearance. Using proper hair care will encourage hair growth as well.

Products like Nioxin and Tea tree shampoo may ho promote growth using ingredients that bring blood flow to the scalp encouraging hair to grow. Depending upon your hair goals we can always assess your cutting schedule.

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