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What is Keratin?

KERATIN WHAT IS IT and What does it do?

So I'm sure at this point most people have heard about Keratin and Keratin treatments. You see it on the lables of your shampoo and styling products , but what does it do? Keratin is the natural protein that makes up your hair skin and nails. Wait they put other people's hair, skin, and nails in my shampoo? Well, No that would be really gross . The Keratin in your products are synthesized keratin molecules not from people. So what does it do? These proteins are able to penetrate and coat damaged hair to help reinforce and streghten the hair shaft . It help smooth hair and calm frizz. Did you notice is said smooth and not straighten? Keratin treatments do not straighten the hair at all , but it does make styling a lot easier . I've had people asked what's the difference between keratin and chemical straightening. Like I said Keratin treatments coats the hair while chemical straightening breaks down the protein bonds and restructures them . I hope this helps and once again if you have any questions about products or services you can contact me directly at -Samantha Dean color and extension specialist

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